Hydrangea French Bolero
Hydrangea French Bolero
Hydrangea French Bolero
Hydrangea French Bolero
Hydrangea French Bolero
Hydrangea French Bolero

Hydrangea 'French Bolero'

Brand new for 2021!
  • Abundant soft pink or pastel blue and purple flowers carried along the length of the branches – not just the tips!
  • Wonderfully compact with an open, spreading habit. Perfect for patio pots and borders alike.
  • Flower colour changes depending on soil acidity – pink in alkaline soil, and pale blue and purple in acidic conditions.
  • A spectacular must-have hydrangea flowering continuously all summer and into autumn, and great cut or dried flowers too!
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, ready for planting, growing to a height and spread of 1m (3ft).

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A brand new variety for 2021, hydrangea ‘French Bolero’ will amaze all who see it with its incredible flowers that, unlike most hydrangeas, are carried along the entire length of its branches instead of only on the tips. A real breakthrough in breeding which it shares with hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’!

The abundance of white lace-cap flowers covering this shrub from June until October look simply amazing and change colour depending on the acidity of the soil. Alkaline soils will produce delightful soft pink blooms, whilst acid soil will give you beautiful pastel shades of blue and purple.

‘French Bolero’ has a wonderfully compact and airy, spreading habit and is perfect for growing in a large patio pot – where you can choose the compost to give you the flower colour you want – and it’s equally at home in the middle of the border. Wherever you plant this truly impressive hydrangea, the stunning flowers make it a real must-have addition to your garden, and the long, flower covered stems look spectacular as cut flowers too!

Once flowering is over in the autumn, the faded flower heads look amazing left on the plants, where they’ll become a much appreciated winter home to insects, and they look spectacular on frosty days. They can also be dried and used in indoor arrangements.

Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, ready for planting, growing to a height and spread of 1m (3ft).

What Is Supplied

Item 510988 supplied as:
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Cut Flower
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
Wildlife Friendly

Top Tips

Hydrangeas do not like to dry out. In dry weather, soak the roots with a hose and the plant will usually recover, and in any case, water regularly until plants are fully established.

Care Information

  • Really low maintenance - just plant in position, water well, and add some fertiliser - they’ll burst into growth and flower profusely all summer!
  • This plant is at its best in a compost-enriched, moist soil as long as it is well drained, in sun or partial shade.
    Can be planted in sun or light shade.
  • Hardy in the UK, frost can cause a lot of damage to young buds, reducing the number of flowers, so it’s advisable to protect your plant with fleece if freezing weather is likely.
  • Remember to water regularly and deeply.


  • Leave the faded hydrangea flower heads in place until the new buds swell in spring to protect the delicate new shoots from frost damage - they look gorgeous covered with frost, and of course they'll provide shelter for overwintering wildlife.
  • Cut back the flowered stems to a strong pair of buds in early spring.
  • Remove any branches that are damaged or dead as well as any that are misplaced.
  • After pruning hydrangeas, apply a mulch of well-rotted manure or compost around the base of the plant.
  • Once established, remove a quarter to a third of the shoots to the base of the plant each year to encourage the production of new, replacement growth that will carry more flowers.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
100 cm
100 cm
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