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Other Mediterranean Plants

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Embracing the allure of the Mediterranean in your UK garden is not only possible but can also transport you to a sun-soaked paradise right at home. By choosing the right Mediterranean plants, you can create a vibrant and exotic landscape that thrives in the British climate. In this article, we will explore some extraordinary varieties of Mediterranean plants that can be grown in the UK, adding a touch of uniqueness to your garden.

Olive Trees:

Olive trees are synonymous with the Mediterranean region and can bring a touch of Mediterranean charm to your UK garden. While they may not produce olives in colder climates, their silvery leaves and twisted trunks create a striking focal point. 


Agapanthus, also known as the Lily of the Nile, adds a stunning burst of color to the Mediterranean garden. Their tall stems bear beautiful clusters of blue or white flowers, creating a dramatic display. Try the unusual variety Agapanthus 'Poppin Purple' with its deep purple flowers for a unique touch.


Rosemary is a staple herb in Mediterranean cuisine and a hardy evergreen plant that thrives in the UK climate. Its aromatic foliage and delicate blue flowers make it an excellent choice for both culinary and ornamental purposes. Consider growing a Rosemary Standard for the iconic lollipop shape that looks perfect either side of a doorway.


Cupressus Sempervirens, also known as Italian Cypress Trees, are wonder columnar trees that bring a touch of Mediterranean charm to your garden. They boast a compact slim form and high levels of hardiness. With Evergreen foliage too, these trees will display their foliage all year round, providing constant interest. Being compact, low maintenance and slow growing, they will not get out of hand like some varieties in it's family are famous for, so no risk of annoying the neighbours with these ones!


Lavender is an iconic Mediterranean plant that thrives in the UK climate. Its fragrant flowers and silver-gray foliage create a sensory experience in the garden. Whether you pick Lavender Lavandula intermedia 'Phenomenal' or classic English Lavender 'Hidcote', expect 

When selecting Mediterranean plants for your UK garden, consider the soil conditions, sunlight exposure, and overall maintenance requirements of each plant. Full details can be found on specific product pages. With careful planning and attention, you can create a Mediterranean-inspired oasis in your own backyard, where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of these extraordinary plant varieties.

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