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Peat Free Tomato and Veg Planter 60L
Peat Free Tomato and Veg Planter 60L
Peat Free Tomato and Veg Planter 60L
Peat Free Tomato and Veg Planter 60L
Peat Free Tomato and Veg Planter 60L

Peat Free Tomato and Veg Planter 60L

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60L Tomato and Veg Planter
Item: 100160
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60L Tomato and Veg Planter - Item: 100160
RRP £31.98
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  • 100% chemical-free and peat-free bio-active planter, able to feed for up to three months
  • Perfect balance of nutrients and NPK, high-quality ingredients that really do produce greater yields and stronger, healthier plants
  • Extra large grow bag, approved by the Soil Association and available for fast free delivery
  • Contains a combination of fine rich natural green composted waste and soil improver fibre
  • Perfect for growing tomatoes, vegetables and other salad ingredients
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Product Information

What’s in the bag? RocketGro have carried out extensive trials to make sure our grow bags are the optimum growing medium for all your fruit and veg growing needs. We have combined a rich balance of our soil improver with the finest all natural green composted waste to give your plants a fibre rich, balanced nutrient feed, and supportive structure that will give the roots of your plants the perfect start and continue to feed for at least 10 weeks.

Our soil improver is made up of broken down Rye, Maize, Beet, and Grass, and is completely animal product free.
What can you grow in the bag? We love growing tomato plants in our grow bags. The depth and quantity of product in our bags makes them the perfect growing environment for strong root development, and strong stems that will produce a bright rich vibrant sweet and juicy tomato crop. Another plant that requires garden cane support are beans, and our grow bags are ideal for these plants as well. A cost saving and portable vegetable garden!

This grow bag is very versatile and is perfect for fruit and veg that do not have deep roots or a need to grow down deeply. It will support the growth of seedlings and cuttings for salads, herbs, lettuce, radish, beetroot, onions, chard, chillies, aubergines, melons, marrows, courgettes and cabbage.

Our commitment to the planet All RocketGro products are sustainably produced. All RocketGro products are 100% Peat free. All RocketGro products are 100% Natural and 100% Chemical free. Our plastic packaging contains 30% recycled plastic content. All our cardboard packaging is 100% recycled and being used for a second time. Our production of clean green energy.

Did you know that in the production of RocketGro products our farm provides naturally produced sustainable green bio-gas that powers 8000 homes? A complete virtuous cycle with RocketGro being spread on the farmland to produce more crops for RocketGro and more bio-gas and electricity.
All RocketGro products are 100% British

What Is Supplied

Item 100160 supplied as:
Supplied as 1 x 60L bag of Peat-Free XL Tomato Grow Bag, delivered direct to your door for ultimate convenience free of charge.
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