Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection
Salad Seed Collection

Salad Seed Collection

All the fresh, crisp salad varieties you could want.
  • The freshest, tastiest salad you could ever eat and all grown by you!
  • All the most popular salad crops in one collection including tomato, radish, lettuce and cucumber.
  • Excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre.
  • Easy to grow and heavy cropping over a long picking season.
  • Supplied as 4 individual seed packets.

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4 x Seed Packets
Item: 700054
4 x Seed Packets - Item: 700054
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Product Information

Grow the most popular salad crops with this fantastic seed collection – everything you need for a delicious, super-fresh and tasty salad. These are all easy to grow varieties that produce bumper harvests month after month.

Tomato ‘Gardener’s Delight’ this heavy cropping, super-sweet, large cherry tomato is a top choice for both the beginner and experienced vegetable grower. It can be reliably grown in a greenhouse or outdoors, producing and abundance of long trailing vines with 10-14 fruits per truss all summer long and into October – quite literally, a gardener’s delight! 75 Seeds.

Radish ‘Scarlet Globe’ a classic salad radish with crisp round roots of bright scarlet with moist, white flesh and a superbly sweet and mild flavour. Not only do they taste good, these nutritious beauties are an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. Easy to grow, ‘Scarlet Globe’ can be harvested within 4-6 weeks of sowing direct into their cropping position. Suitable for container growing as well as beds and borders. 700 Seeds.

Mixed Lettuce Leaves this mix of quality seeds gives fast results – either sown in the ground or in containers. It’s an easy way of ensuring a constant supply of fresh, tasty salad leaves all through the summer. The packet includes equal seed quantities of: Catalogna, Cocarde, Curled Red American, Grand Rapids, Red salad bowl, Rossa di Trento. Varieties grow at different rates, giving a different salad mix at every cut. 775 Seeds.

Cucumber ‘La Diva’ Fast-growing and vigorous, ‘La Diva’ produces plentiful crops of cigar-shaped, bitter-free mini cucumbers. The ridged, smooth-skinned fruits are seedless, tender and crisp. Deliciously sweet and juicy, they are superb for salads or for slicing lengthways for crudités and dips and a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as minerals and antioxidants. Crops well inside a cold greenhouse or tunnel – or equally well outdoors in your garden. 20 Seeds.

What Is Supplied

Item 700054 supplied as:

Supplied as 4 packets of seed:

Tomato ‘Gardener’s Delight’ x 75 seeds.
Radish ‘Scarlet Globe’ x 700 seeds.
Mixed Lettuce Leaves x 775 seeds.
Cucumber ‘La Diva’ x 20 seeds.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
Wildlife Friendly

Top Tips

  • Pick your harvest regularly to keep more coming.

Care Information

How to grow your salad

  • Sow indoors any time 1.5cm (½in) deep in seed compost. Water well and place in a light, warm position, away from draughts and strong sunlight. A temperature of 20°C (68°F) is ideal. Keep moist but do not overwater.
  • Seedlings should start to appear in 7-21 days. Transplant as soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, to avoid damaging their roots.
  • Harden off and plant out to final position in May, spacing 45cm (18in) apart in a pot, growing bag or border of an unheated greenhouse, or in a sunny position in a bed or large container outdoors. Dig in some well-rotted compost into the soil before planting if growing in the ground.
  • Or sow outdoors, April to May, 5cm (2in) deep, directly where they are to grow, in a sunny, sheltered position in fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Sow seeds 45cm (18in) apart. Keep moist and weed-free. Seedlings should start to appear in 7-21 days. Early sowings will benefit from cloche protection.

Harvest from May to October. Pick regularly to encourage further cropping.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Fruiting Time
Sowing Time

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
200 cm
50 cm
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