Outdoor Metal Trough Narcissi & Muscari Planter
Outdoor Metal Trough Narcissi & Muscari Planter
Outdoor Metal Trough Narcissi & Muscari Planter
Outdoor Metal Trough Narcissi & Muscari Planter
Outdoor Metal Trough Narcissi & Muscari Planter
Outdoor Metal Trough Narcissi & Muscari Planter

Outdoor Metal Trough Narcissi & Muscari Planter

All you need to grow joyful spring flowers!
  • A delightfully uplifting mixture of Muscari and miniature Narcissi to brighten anybody’s spring garden.
  • Attractive metal trough style planter with a rustic finish that will look great in any garden, patio or balcony.
  • Such a wonderful gift for any gardener, and the flowers will come back every spring, with more and more each year.
  • Everything needed is included, just plant in autumn for a spectacular display the following spring.
  • Supplied as a metal planter including 15 bulbs and compost, growing to a height of 20 cm (8 in).

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Trough & Bulbs
Item: 160887
Trough & Bulbs - Item: 160887
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Product Information

Just the thing for anyone wanting a splash of bright spring colour, either for themselves or as a gift, this perfect mixture of spring bulbs will bring some welcome brightness to any garden!

The metal trough planter contains everything needed to grow a spectacular display of spring bulbs anywhere in the garden. The rope handles and brushed white finish give a lovely rustic feel that will look superb whatever the style of your garden.

Beginning in February with the wonderful sunshine yellow of Narcissus ‘Tęte-ŕ-Tęte’, these are joined just a few weeks later by the beautiful lavender blue flowers of Muscari armeniacum in dense clusters on miniature poker-like stems. Together they look incredibly joyful and will carry on flowering into May. What’s more, both the Narcissi and Muscari hold the coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit, so they’re first class garden plants that won’t fail to impress.

All you need to do is plant the bulbs in autumn, and they’ll bring a spectacular splash of colour to the garden in spring. As the planter is reusable, once the bulbs have died back you can plant the trough with summer bedding, and the Muscari and Narcissi will return every spring, with more flowers year after year.

Supplied as a metal planter with compost and 15 bulbs, growing to a height of up to 20 cm (8 in) including:

5 x Narcissus ‘Tęte-ŕ-Tęte’ – The classic dwarf daffodil with perfect miniature bright yellow flowers.

10 x Muscari armeniacum – Lovely lavender blue, egg-shaped flowers with white edges in clusters on poker-like stems.

What Is Supplied

Item 160887 supplied as:

Supplied as a metal planter, width 28 cm (11 in), depth 18.5 cm (7 in), height 12 cm (5 in), including:

5 x Narcissus bulbs, size 10/11
10 x Muscari bulbs, size 7/8
1 x Compost

Harmful if eaten/may cause skin allergy.

Plant Care Information

RHS Garden Merit
RHS Garden Merit
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Cut Flower
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

Top Tips

  • Re-use the planter for other plants once the bulbs have finished flowering.

Care Information

Planting Advice for your Narcissus and Muscari Bulbs

  • Plant bulbs at twice the depth of the height of the bulb and four times their width apart. e.g. 5cm tall bulbs need to be planted 10cm below the surface of the ground and 20cm apart.
  • They are fine to plant even if a little green growth is showing, they’ll just need a good watering when you plant them, and then only when the soil is dry.
  • Leave them in the ground once they die back for flowers again next year.
  • While all the energy that a bulb needs in order to grow is stored in the bulb itself, they will do better if you feed them when in active green growth.

Aftercare Advice

  • Daffodils and Muscari can be planted as late as December, but it’s best to do it as soon as possible in autumn so that they can establish a good root system before the weather becomes too cold.
  • Water frequently and ensure pots don’t dry out.

Cutting Back

  • Once flowering is over, it is important to leave the leaves on until they have died right down. This allows the bulb to store food and produce flowers the following year.
  • Never tie up daffodil leaves or cut it back whilst still green.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
20 cm
10 cm
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