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Bamboo Cane and Spiral Guard Set
Bamboo Cane and Spiral Guard Set
Bamboo Cane and Spiral Guard Set
Bamboo Cane and Spiral Guard Set

Bamboo Cane and Spiral Guard Set

Grow your young plants with pride
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Plant Care Information:

Product options:

1 x 90cm Cane and 1 x 60cm Guard
Item: 120116
10 x 90cm Canes and 10 x 60cm Guards
Item: 120117
25 x 90cm Canes and 25 x 60cm Guards
Item: 120118
50 x 90cm Canes and 50 x 60cm Guards
Item: 120119
1 x 90cm Cane and 1 x 60cm Guard - Item: 120116
ONLY £2.99
  • Be the envy of your neighbourhood with neat and uniform garden displays – just like the professionals! 
  • This handy bamboo cane and spiral guard will help newly planted flowers, climbers, and trees to reach their potential 
  • Support freshly planted beauties with a reliable and strong bamboo cane
  • No fuss - you won’t even need to worry about removing the guard in the future, as it breaks down over time  
  • Supplied as a set of one 90cm bamboo cane, and a 60cm spiral guard
Key Points
Full Product Details

Product Information

A handy set of equipment to create impressively shaped displays in your garden – a bamboo cane and spiral guard.

The bamboo cane is made from premium quality bamboo to be durable and eco-friendly. Sourced from sustainable plantations, these canes are reliable, so you can confidently support plants and create stunning structures.

Very versatile - stake delicate flowers, train climbing plants, or create a trellis display to be proud of.

Meanwhile, the spiral guard is an easy to use and hassle-free solution to protect young trees in your garden as they establish. No need for fixing stakes or fastenings, trees will hold the low-maintenance guards on their own.

You do not even need to worry about keeping an eye on or removing the spiral guard, as the UV protection will last for five years and then break down naturally in most situations, offering top-notch and sustainable tree protection. Just attach and forget!

The cane makes planting a bare root hedge as easy as it can be - keeping the bare root upright as it grows, while also allowing exact distances between hedges to be worked out, for a dense growth. Use the spiral guard to protect the bare root as it grows to achieve as thick a hedge as possible.  

Supplied as one 90cm bamboo cane and a 60cm spiral guard.

What Is Supplied

Item 120116 supplied as:
1 x 90cm Cane and 1 x 60cm Guard
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