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Primrose Bonneli Flame Mix
Primrose Bonneli Flame Mix

Primrose Bonneli Flame Mix

Fabulous flaming colour, flowering month after month!
Grows to
Grows To
25 cm
25 cm
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60 x Pro+ Plugs
Item: 401167
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Grows to
Grows To
25 cm
25 cm
60 x Pro+ Plugs - Item: 401167
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  • A superb hardy Primrose that will provide you with stunning warm colours from mid-autumn.
  • Very early to bloom, flowering gorgeous shades of fiery reds and yellows.
  • Compact in habit and ideal for containers and borders, but also perfect when growing in pots.
  • Plant them in late summer and enjoy a spectacular seven months of colour.
  • Supplied as 60 x Plug Plants, ready to pot on or plant out.
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Product Information

These wonderful, compact plants have rosettes of beautifully textured leaves and are smothered in flowers from September to March and will look fabulous wherever you plant them. They're great in pots, containers, beds, or baskets, in partial shade or sun - they really are easy to grow and bring the spring garden to life with their cheerful colours.

Perfectly hardy in the garden, they're great when combined with other perennials and underneath trees and shrubs where they will flower for months, gradually forming large clumps that can be divided every few years to give you more plants.

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Care Information

  • Give your plugs a little attention on arrival - unpack them immediately, and either mist them or stand them in water for an hour - they may be slightly dry or yellow after being in a dark box in the post, but theyíll quickly recover. If you canít do this, they can sit in Mini Greenhouses for a week if upright and not too wet.
  • We recommend that you leave them to settle for a day somewhere warm, light and airy such as a windowsill or greenhouse.
  • When you're ready to pot on, use a good quality, multi-purpose compost, and fill 3-4in pots (7-10cm).
  • Make a hole in the compost with a dibber or your finger, then holding each plug by its root ball, place it into the hole and gently firm the compost around it.
  • Give your plants a good water initially, then only when the top compost starts to dry as they donít like to be left in standing water.
  • Grow on either on a bright windowsill or a greenhouse for 3-4 weeks before potting up into containers or into flower beds.
  • Primroses enjoy moist, well-drained soil. Established plants can be planted out anytime unless the soil is waterlogged or frozen.
  • Dig a hole the same size as the plantís root ball. Place the plant in position, firm down the soil and water.
  • To prolong flowering, remove spent flower heads and remove any yellow leaves.
  • Divide clumps every couple of years in early autumn.

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25 cm
25 cm
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