Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Elfe
Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Elfe

Seed Potato Albert Bartlett 'Elfe'

  • A delicious new maincrop potato with golden yellow flesh
  • Easy to grow and produces very heavy crops
  • Very versatile, perfect for mashing and makes super jacket spuds
  • Tastes so good that you'll think the butters already added!

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.A delicious new early maincrop potato with a golden appearance and a sensational taste. Elfe will give you a heavy crop of large smooth skinned potatoes that keep well. They are perfect for boiling, mashing and baking - do this and you'll discover the flavour wich is silky and sweet - so good that you'll think the butter has already been added! Because theflesh is soft it's much easier to mash without lumps too.

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Supplied from Certified Seed from some of the UK's leading growers, We suggest "chitting" by standing round end upwards in egg boxes, in cool, light rook for 2-3 weeks, until small shoots emerge from the eyes. Approx 12-15 tubers.

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