Thornless Blackberry Apache
Thornless Blackberry Apache

Thornless Blackberry 'Apache'

Large juicy berries on thornless canes make this the perfect blackberry to grow.
  • Enjoy the exceptional taste of homegrown blackberries
  • A compact variety, you'll be easily picking the bumper harvest of large berries from late July
  • One of the largest thornless varieties
  • Decorative too - the white summer blossom is followed by the firm black fruits
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 2L pot

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2L Pot - Item: 310114
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Pick juicy Blackberry fruits in your own garden - without the brambles!

Producing abundant crops of large, firm berries that are simply bursting with gorgeous sweet juice, you'll be able to reliably pick the wonderful fruits from August to the first frosts each year, and best of all, there are no thorns in your way. One of the largest berries that you can grow, each will weigh 7-10g each - making Apache one of the best!

The thornless nature makes Apache the perfect choice for getting the kids involved with growing their own. Let them plant, grow and harvest their very own fruits that can then be eaten fresh straight from the bush, or cooked up into scrumptious puddings.

Great for growing direct in the garden, but also ideal for growing in pots and containers on the patio, you donít need to have a large garden to be able to grow your own. You can even grow on a balcony or terrace!

This US bred beauty is perfect for conditions in the UK and its pretty foliage and berries will add a decorative look to patio pots and borders.

What Is Supplied

Item 310114 supplied as:
Supplied as an established plant in a 2L pot, ready to plant out.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
Wildlife Friendly

Top Tips

Plant in full sun for maximum berry production

Care Information

Planting your blackberries:

  • Before planting, dig the ground over well and incorporate plenty of well-rotted organinc matter. Remove all perennial weeds.
  • Water your potted plant well.
  • Dig a hole a little deeper and 3 x wider than the nursery pot.
  • Add a soil conditioner such as well-rotted manure to the earth removed from the hole if necessary.
  • Remove the plant from its pot and tease out a few of the roots.
  • Place your plant in the hole at the same level at the pot.
  • Refill the hole with the earth removed (backfilling).
  • Firm in the soil with your heel, avoiding the root ball.
  • Water well and mulch around the base of the plant with a collar, compost, gravel, bark etc.


Pruning Advice for Primocane Blackberries:

  • Cut back the new spring stems, which have produced fruit at their tips in autumn, to a point just below where the blackberries were produced, soon after they have finished cropping.
  • These pruned canes can then be left to overwinter, and will put on new top growth in spring, producing a crop of berries in early summer.
  • After these two year old canes have finished fruiting they should be cut right back to the ground.
  • In the meantime, new canes will have emerged from the base of the plant in spring and these should be tied onto a support as they grow.
  • These new canes will then produce a later crop and should have their tops lopped off after fruiting. This then creates a repeating cycle.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time
Fruiting Time

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
200 cm
180 cm
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