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The colourful geranium should last in your garden from April until winter. They are a very popular bedding plant that are easily maintained. They come in a wide variety of colours and it is this, and the fact that they bloom with plentiful and long lasting flowers, that makes them a constant favourite. They make for a colourful garden, particularly if 2 to 3 different varieties are grown together. It is best to wait until late spring before planting to protect them from early frost damage. They should grow easily in any well-watered soil and they like sunlight - so don't plant them in complete shade or hidden under trees. Aside from this, geraniums are plants that should thrive easily and, while they need protection from frosts when planting, should survive well into the first frosts once established. Geraniums can cope if the weather is fairly dry for a spell and will give huge colourful flowers from early summer until late autumn. What's more they are also quite pest resistant! This makes them the perfect outdoor low maintenance bedding plant.

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